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Monumental Milestone

Monumental Milestone

January 8, 2021

Dear Connor, 

Last year was a year like no other!  An answer to my prayer and a hope and dream for you as well came true last year.  There was an amazing event, TeamTait4TeamConnor that raised over $1,000,000 for childhood cancer research.  Daddy’s good friends, Tonya and Matt Russo and many others from all over the country with Northwestern Mutual gave generously for childhood cancer research.  Because of the amazing generosity and support of almost 2,000 donors last year, TeamConnor was able to fund over $1.1M in childhood cancer research grants all over the country.  Sweet Connor, your legacy continues on earth today and everyday as we raise the important funds to ensure that children who are bravely fighting cancer have access to clinical trials, better treatments and one day a CURE!  You said, “if we can put a man on the moon, one day we can find a cure for cancer.”  TeamConnor has funded the novel research grants to important childhood cancer researchers who we know are unlocking better treatments and one day this research will lead to a CURE.  Not a day goes by that we and so many others think about you, a smile comes to our face, tears fill our eyes and the courageous battle that you fought has a beautiful purpose we continue to fulfill.  In December 2020, an answered prayer came as I always prayed as your mother, that TeamConnor would be able to fund $1 million in one year for childhood cancer research and WE DID!  This was made possible by our amazing, thoughtful and generous donors who gave with purpose and passion.  We are honored they joined us in funding childhood cancer research.  

I have many titles such as wife, friend, daughter, neighbor but my most important title will always be mother.  I am honored to be your mother and I am honored to help all mothers one day know that a diagnosis of cancer will not be a journey like ours but rather be different because of a CURE that is found.  

With love always,