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TeamConnor Childhood Cancer Foundation

Join us in funding better treatments for our children!

About Us

TeamConnor is named in loving memory of Connor Cruse, whose courageous battle with Stage IV neuroblastoma has inspired the push for better research and treatment options for children with cancer. As less than 4% of the NIH’s annual funding supports childhood cancer research, we aid in inpatient programs so that other children will not have to suffer. Please help us fund more research for all childhood cancers.

Our Impact

TeamConnor has awarded over $5 million to cancer research hospitals across the country. Our funding has had a direct impact on the lives of children suffering from childhood cancer by offering new treatment options after other treatment plans have failed.

We have focused our efforts towards supporting the clinical trials that will improve their outcomes for children with the most aggressive and incurable types of cancers, such as brain tumors, bone tumors (osteosarcoma), and neuroblastoma. We are proud of the trials that we have funded and the value they have had in the lives of these children.

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Make a Donation

A donation from you helps guarantee more tomorrows for all children who are battling childhood cancer. Your generous gift will further the research grants that we fund annually. Thanks to you, our children may receive the best treatment and one day a cure will be found. Donating to TeamConnor will ensure more birthdays, memories, and milestones. We hope you will join us as we beat childhood cancer!