Childhood Cancer Resources

TeamConnor has compiled a variety of resources that you may find helpful during a child’s journey through cancer. We will continue to update with new information so check back regularly for new information.

Books for Kids

Talking about cancer with children can be difficult and scary.  TeamConnor recommends the following books for kids and their parents to aid in the discussion.

The Famous Hat by Kate Gaynor

This book has been designed to help children with leukaemia (or other forms of cancer) to prepare for treatment, namely chemotherapy, and a stay in hospital. Treatment for childhood cancer can be very difficult to cope with, especially for very young children. The lengthy stay in hospital, having to contend with drips, tubes and injections is difficult enough without the possibility of hair loss for children to face. However, this book helps children to see the experience of a child that they can easily relate to. Harry not only enjoys his stay in hospital and makes new friends, but he also overcomes any fears of losing his hair. Most importantly, the book shows children that this experience is only temporary; it is not a permanent part of their lives. It assures them that there will be a time where their hair will start to grow back and they will eventually leave the hospital and return home. The book also gives parents an opportunity to discuss the visit to hospital and the treatment with their child by comparing their experience to Harry.

Chemo, Craziness and Comfort: My Book About Childhood Cancer by Nancy Keene

A diagnosis of cancer in a child is scary and confusing for every member of the family. “Chemo, Craziness, and Comfort” provides clear explanations and practical advice for children ages 6-12. Warm and funny illustrations help the child (and parents) make sense of cancer and it’s treatment.

What is Cancer Anyway?: Explaining Cancer to Children of All Ages by Karen L. Carney                                        What IS Cancer, Anyway? Explaining Cancer to Children of All Ages is one of the books in the Barklay and Eve Children’s Book Series. This book provides basic information that is essential when someone in the family has cancer and does so in a calm, clear, reassuring manner that children and adults will appreciate. Barklay and Eve, the two lovable main characters, define cancer, explain radiation and chemotherapy (including the reasons why some people loose their hair). This is a hopeful story which has a fun connect-the -dots page of the American Cancer Sociey’s symbol of hope.

Butterfly Kisses and Wishes on Wings: When someone you love has cancer…a hopeful, helpful book for kids By Ellen McVicker, Illustrated by Nanci Hersh                                                                                                                                                                                                                     This award winning children’s book, illustrated by Nanci Hersh, award winning artist and cancer survivor, is a listen-to/read-aloud book for children. A beautifully illustrated resource that can be used to educate and support any child who is facing the cancer of a loved one. The story, as told through the eyes of a child, lends itself to a simple and clear understanding of cancer. It also teaches children to realize the power they have to be an active and integral part of a loved one’s cancer journey. Also available in Spanish under “Besos de Mariposa y Deseos con Alas.”

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Did You Know

Building awareness of childhood cancer is critical to funding and finding a cure. To help, please consider sharing on your Facebook.

Today, 46 children will be diagnosed with cancer.  Seven will lose their battle..

Did you know September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!.

Every day in America, approximately 46 children are diagnosed with cancer..

Childhood cancer does not discriminate, sparing no ethnic group, socio-economic class, or geographic region..

Rhabdomyosarcoma is the most common soft tissue sarcoma in children, accounting for about 3% of childhood cancers..

On average, 1 in every 4 elementary schools has a child with cancer. .

About one-third of childhood cancers are leukemias..

Childhood cancer survival rates in the United States have increased from less than 20% in the 1960s to almost 80% today..

Cancer kills more children each year than Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes, and Pediatric AIDS combined. .

Childhood cancer is not one disease entity, but rather a spectrum of different malignancies. Cancers found in children are biologically different from those seen in adults. .

1 in 300 children will develop cancer before age 20. .

Neuroblastoma is the most common extra cranial solid tumor cancer in children. .

Today, up to 75% of the children with cancer can be cured, yet, some forms of childhood cancers have proven so resistant to treatment that, in spite of research, a cure is illusive..

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